Path of Exile heading towards the second Open Beta phase!

Most of you know Path of Exile as "what Diablo 3 should have been like"... the rest of you... well, I don't have any idea how you know it.

Developed by Grinding Gear Games (or GGG, as we'll refer to them in this article), Path of Exile is an free to play online Action RPG set in the dark fantasy world of Wraeclast.


After 4 months, plus a few days, the game is half way through it's open beta phase. Since the game will enter the second part of the open beta, GGG will deploy patch 0.11.0 which will add several features along with two new leagues, "Anarchy" and "Onslaught", both which will last for 4 months.

GGG had this to say about the new leagues that will be implemented:

In the Anarchy League, the corruption of Wraeclast has spread to the minds of many exiles, turning them against one another. As you journey through the world, you will occasionally run into these exiles - deadly computer controlled enemies who use the skills and items available to player characters. If you manage to kill one, they drop a lot of items including a magic or above for each equippable slot.

The Onslaught league is a hardcore league designed for players who found our existing hardcore gameplay too easy. We've increased the attack, cast and movement speed of monsters. It's like a lighter version of the Turbo race events that we run, only it lasts for four months. Note that just as the Anarchy league doesn't contain these difficulty increases, the Onslaught league doesn't have the rogue exiles. It's likely we'll try them out in hardcore leagues in the future.

The Anarchy and Onslaught leagues last for four months, before all the characters are moved back to the Standard and Hardcore leagues respectively. Characters that die in the Onslaught league do not move back to the Anarchy league, but to Standard instead. This has a few consequences:

  • Players in the Anarchy league do not have to worry about Onslaught players dying and appearing above them in the ladder. They also do not have to worry about an inflow of items from dead Onslaught characters.
  • Items such as the new base types and Onslaught uniques can be transported to the Standard league before Anarchy ends by dying in Onslaught. They cannot be transported to the Hardcore league until Onslaught ends. Obviously the Anarchy-specific uniques can never make their way into the Hardcore league.

Along with the new leagues, new features will be implemented, such as challenges, a new currency item, item allocation options, optional mini-life bars. Along with these features, new base items and uniques will be implemented.

The patch is set to deploy Wednesday, June 5. Anarchy and Onslaught leagues will start at 1pm on Saturday, June 8 (NZ time) and will run until October 8.


You can read more about the patch here. Full patch notes are available here.

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